Sanitization To Shield From Covid-19

Because of the current intensified and ascended concern of the epidemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread, Service by Isabela is now taking a new step ahead in the disinfection and sanitation expertise and service. We know that it is quite difficult and challenging for our customers to be actively working at their workplaces due to the risks of being infected by the COVID-19.

So now we are all set to fight this pandemic as it’s our mission now to focus on sanitizing all the community-based physical touchpoints, like stairs grills, doors, door handles, push bars, faucet handles, microwave buttons, elevator buttons, and many more excessively-touched areas.

We are here to make use of our special and green disinfectants and cleaners to help kill germs, bacteria, and viruses on many different surfaces. Service by Isabel is also ready to provide the same sanitization for your kitchens, break rooms, and restroom furniture, making it all germ-free for you.


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